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Empower Your Voice

Women’s Group Coaching Programme

Do you struggle to use your voice and communicate your needs or opinions? Do you often feel silenced or invisible to the point you feel unheard at home, work and in meetings you avoid speaking up? Society, cultures and familial conditioning can lead to adults who struggle to truly speak their mind, especially women. This women’s group coaching programme is designed to help you amplify your voice, support you in overcoming your barriers, and grow your confidence. 

What is Group Coaching? 

Group coaching is a guided experience where members progress at their own pace towards their goals through the process of questioning, being heard and taking action. Some of the benefits for this programme include:


  • Support from a qualified and experienced coach

  • Opportunities to practice new skills in a safe space with like minded women

  • A robust accountability system to facilitate change with a new peer support network

  • Increased confidence in public speaking

  • Insight into diverse perspectives and real time feedback from others.

How to join

You will need to register your interest below and details will be sent out to you.

How it works

It will start with an introduction session followed by six immersive, interactive and experiential sessions of 90 minutes. They will take place virtually on Zoom and dates are as follows:


  • Monday 22nd January - 19:00pm - 20:00pm

6 Group Coaching session dates:

  • Monday 5th February - 19:00pm - 20:30pm

  • Monday 26th February - 19:00pm - 20:30pm

  • Monday 18th March - 19:00pm - 20:30pm

  • Monday 8th April - 19:00pm - 20:30pm

  • Monday 29th April - 19:00pm - 20:30pm

  • Monday 20th May - 19:00pm - 20:30pm

Investment in your development 

The cost of the programme will be £425 which includes attendance to 7 sessions and contact  with Anita between sessions. 

Join the programme

Please submit your details and you will be sent further registration details. 

We look forward to working with you on your journey of finding your voice!

Thanks for submitting!

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