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About Anita Guru

Anita has been always intrigued by human behaviour and the mind, which led to her completing a a first degree Psychology, then a masters in Occupational Psychology. Anita has worked in Learning and Organisational Development for nearly 20 years within organisations such as Deloitte, Coca Cola European Partners and BDO LLP. Anita brings her experience into her coaching and consultancy practice, along with a Diploma in Transformational Coaching. 

Anita has been on a personal journey with mental illness where she was diagnosed with Complex PTSD during an inpatient stay at a psychiatric hospital. She has since been raising awareness around mental health to break the stigma in the workplace and open the conversation for others who may be struggling. Having personally been on a journey of transformation and self-discovery, she comes with hope, and possibility.

During her last role, Anita undertook a Wellbeing role following her active involvement in the wellbeing agenda. Anita has designed and delivered a range of learning events focussed on topics such as mental health, infertility and trauma. Anita holds voluntary roles within charitable organisations, including a Trustee role with the mental health charity, My Black Dog.

The mind is an incredible force, with such power to determine your thoughts and behaviours, or become the biggest obstacle when reaching for your goals.  Anita unravelled her own mind and reconstructed it.  Through this transition, she emerged self-aware and ready to take on her purpose, to empower others.  

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